Wage Claims

Class Actions

Professional Services

We are vigilant about ensuring that employers pay their employees as they are obligated to do.  We strictly pursue enforcement of the California Labor Code when it comes to proper payment of final wages, minimum wages, overtime wages, commission wages, vacation wages, bonuses, premium pay for missed meal and rest periods, expense reimbursements, as well as all reporting requirements, including issuing legal wage statements.  

We are experienced class action lawyers, and know how to use the class action process to obtain the greatest benefit for workers who need someone to stand up for their rights.  When a group of workers suffers wrong at the hands of their employer, there is often strength in numbers.  Employers who have been reluctant to effect the change necessary to comply with California's labor and equal pay laws can be motivated to revisit their business priorities once they face the expense and publicity of a class action lawsuit.

When employees need help, when entering into professional contracts, such as employment agreements, separation agreements, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, or commission plans, we can review documents, provide clear advice about potential pitfalls, and suggest revisions or negotiations to minimize your risk or improve your situation.  

When employees report concerns about workplace security, safety, fraud or illegal conduct which are met with hostility by employers, whistleblower protection laws may apply.  We stand beside employees who have demonstrated the courage and integrity to report wrongdoing in the workplace.


Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from your job is a distressing and isolating event.  When it seems unfounded, it may also be against the law.  We handle unlawful terminations motivated by employees' disability, medical condition, race/color, ancestry/national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, breastfeeding and related medical conditions, genetic information, military and veteran status  and family medical leave.